What is Songbee?

In many churches, hymnbooks are on the out and computer projection of worship song lyrics are coming in. Some churches use Microsoft's Powerpoint to do this, but there are problems with Powerpoint. The main one is that a Powerpoint presentation is linear - you go from one slide to the next until you get to the end of the presentation.

But songs are not linear, and worship less so; you have a verse, then a chorus, then another verse, and then the worship leader might choose to go back to verse 1, or sing the chorus, or sing the bridge. If you're using Powerpoint you have to flick around between slides when something unexpected like that happens.

Songbee is a dedicated projection tool, which allows you to say "go to next chorus", "skip to next song", "go back to previous song in playlist", and so on.

For more about how to use Songbee, including some screen shots, see the manual.

What can Songbee do?

Downloading Songbee

Windows 2.1 release. (Requires XP or above)
OS X 2.1.1 release.
Unix 2.1 release
Manual (PDF)

Additional Bibles for Songbee

Here are some additional files you can download to add new Bible versions to Songbee

Songbee alternatives

Songbee is designed for a particular situation, the Japanese church. There are many alternatives to Songbee, which do not attempt to solve the unique problems of displaying Japanese song lyrics.

Release history

2.1 was released 2009-09-01. See the release notes.

2.0 was released 2009-01-09. Changes include:

1.1 was released 2008-06-10. Changes include:


Songbee development, trouble ticketing, and source code is available at github.

Songbee is released under the terms of the GNU GPL version 2. If that's insufficiently free for what you need to do, please mail me to make other arrangements.